TILL WE’RE FREE is the story of a mother, Mamie Till, whose defiance while exposing the truth behind the murder of her 14-year-old-son, Emmett Till, helped spark the Civil Rights Movement.   Emmett was beaten and killed for whistling at a white woman in Mississippi in 1955.   The two accused men, Roy Bryant and his half-brother J.W. Milliam, were acquitted of the murder, but later confessed to a reporter to kidnapping and killing Emmett Till – but they didn’t tell the whole truth.

Detroit Repertory Theatre
13103 Woodrow Wilson St
Detroit, MI


Project:                               Till We’re Free – Short Film / Life Drama
Production Company:  Whatantics Entertainment
Casting Director:             Rita Montpetit-Liegl
Phone Number:               (248) 660-6641
Email adddress:     
Shoot / Location:           Metro Detroit
Shoot / Start Date:         August / September 2013
Compensation:                unpaid / credit / invite to release / DVD
Producers:                        Rita Montpetit-Liegl & Stephanie Shum
Director:                            Denn Pietro


Characters – Black Male:
EMMETT TILL, 14-17 year old male, funny, strong willed, slight stutter, northern accent, tad overweight
• SIMEON WRIGHT, 12-14 year old male, likeable, southern accent, skinny
• MAURICE WRIGHT, 16-20 year old male, smokes, confident, southern accent, average size
• WILLIE PARKER, 16-20 year old male, charismatic, polite, northern accent, average size
• A.A. RAYNOR, 35-55 year old male, dignified funeral director, northern accent
• WILLIE REED, 17-24 year old male, hard worker, religious, tough, southern accent
• FATHER, 35-60 year old male, farmer type, fit, southern accent
• OSA, 20-something male, with tough demeanor, southern accent
• TOO TIGHT, 20-something male, cotton picker, strong, submissive, southern accent
• HENRY, 20-something male, weasel-like, southern accent, skinny


Characters – Black Female:
• MAMIE TILL, 35-45 year old female, survivor, strong-willed, defiant, vulnerable, northern accent
• ELIZABETH WRIGHT, 50-something female, non-confrontational, preacher’s wife, southern accent
• RUTHIE MAE, 17-24, independent, smart and wise, southern accent