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WHIPPERSNAPPER [Narrative] – Whatantics Entertainment and Flim Flam Films (4:45) (Michigan) (2000) – Academy Award qualifier

A funny, heart-warming tale about Chad – a menacing seven year old – who must make re-adjustments in his relationship with his grandfather, a recent stroke victim, who is now confined to a wheelchair. Not quite sure whether his grandfather is pulling his leg or if he really is ill, Chad puts his grandfather to the test to break him of his joke.

Copyright 2000  All Rights Reserved

Starring Chad Cook, Jerry Williams, Tabitha Meready, Steven Kaiser, Marc Myers & Gerry Scharnitzke.  Produced by Jason Flowers, Lydia Modica (Rochon) & Denver Rochon.  Edited by Denver Rochon.

Written by Denn Pietro & Denver Rochon.  Directed by Denn Pietro