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STATIC [narrative] – Whatantics Entertainment (21:30) (Michigan) (2013)

A man’s perfect world with a woman is compromised by the arrival of a stranger in this post apocalypse tale.  An ode to the independent film starring Bryant T. Stemen, Kate Sharp and Jason Kupser.  Written and Produced by Jeff Turner.  Directed by Denn Pietro

For Static, we proudly decided to go back to the days when shooting was fun and care-free using non-actors and an extremely small cast and crew. The experience of being isolated at UAW Black Lake allowed us to have a camp-like atmosphere amongst friends.  

If we achieve anything from this film is that we hope the viewer escapes in the world we created and wants to visit its locations… and maybe the viewer might even think about their own inhibitions in life.

Filmed on location at UAW Black Lake Conference Center in Onaway, Michigan.

Executive Producers – Denn Pietro & Jeff Turner
Producer – Stephanie Shum
Audio Technician – Andre Holland
Camera – Denn Pietro
Gaffer – Ryan Sharp
Boom – Attila Hardy
Props – Michele Turner
Music  by Tricia Concepcion


Copyright 2013  All Rights Reserved