25 July 13

CASTING CALL for TILL WE’RE FREE at the Detroit Repertory Theatre on Wednesday, July 31 between 6-8pm.


21 July 13

Casting Call for roles in our short film “Till We’re Free” based on civil rights icon Emmett Till.


4 June 13

Our short film “Static” (starring Bryant Timothy Stemen, Kate Sharp and Jason Kupser) is being screened by a test audience at the Main Art Theatre in downtown Royal Oak as Part of the Mitten Movie Project on Tuesday, June 4th at 7:30pm.  Please come out and support local film.

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22 May 13

Till We’re Free welcomes producers Stephanie Shum and Rita Montpetit-Liegel to the project!


18 May 13

Pre-Production began on our upcoming short film Till We’re Free which begins shooting in mid to late August.   The film is based on actual events in Mississippi and centers around a key figure in the Civil Rights Movement.


1 May 13

Production has been postponed on Adoration of the Devil pending a script rewrite.  Shooting will be postponed until Winter.


14 April 13

Production continued on our upcoming documentary Bound By Numbers with an interview with Dan Robbins, creator of Paint-By-Numbers.



1 April 13

Casting for Adoration of the Devil welcomes Randy Skotarczyk (Being Custer), to the project!


15 March 13

Casting for Adoration of the Devil welcomes Alan Canning (Being Custer), to the project!


14 March 13

Casting for Adoration of the Devil welcomes Steve Holland to the cast!


12 March 13

Pre-production began on our upcoming short film Adoration of the Devil shooting in Spring/Summer 2013.


9 March 13

Production began on our upcoming documentary Bound By Numbers (Too old, too soon, too late, too bad) which tells the story of 87 year old Dan Robbins, creator of Paint-By-Numbers, as looks back on his unfinished life both as a man and an artist.


23 February 13

Pre-production began on our upcoming documentary (Untitled James Dean Project) that attempts to answer the question, “Who Is James Dean?” by talking with Jimmy’s family, friends, experts, celebrities and more.


9 February 13

The website was dusted off, updated and put back into the world after years of absence to the dismay of fans (or probably no one) everywhere!