Comprehensive collection of acting credits – compiled by DennPietro
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Starring Roles /

East of Eden (Cal Trask)                                                                                          3/9/54

Rebel Without a Cause (Jim Stark)                                                                           10/26/55

Giant (Jett Rink)                                                                                                     11/10/56


Bit Parts in Movies /

Sailor Beware (Boxing Opponent’s Second)                                                                     1/51

Fixed Bayonets (GI)                                                                                              11/51

Deadline U.S.A. (press boy)                                                                                     1952

Has Anybody Seen My Gal? (College Student)                                                              7/52



Segment Title                                                      Network & Show                                               Year

Hill Number One (John the Apostle)                           National Family Theatre                           3/25/51

T.K.O.  (Hank)                                                     Dumont Bigelow Theater                        10/29/51

Into the Valley (G.I.)                                             CBS Television Workshop                                   1/27/52

Sleeping Dogs  (Vagrant)                                        CBS The Web                                        2/20/52

Ten Thousand Horses Singing (Bellhop)                    CBS Westinghouse Studio One                3/3/52

The Foggy, Foggy Dew (Kyle McCallum)                      CBS Lux Video Theatre                           3/17/52

Prologue to Glory (Denny)                                     NBC Kraft Television      Theater             5/21/52

Abraham Lincoln (William Scott)                               CBS Westinghouse Studio One                5/26/52

Forgotten Children (Bradford)                             NBC Hallmark Cards Hall of Fame                        6/2/52

Jackie Knows All (Randy)                                       NBC The Trouble With Father                1952

Hound of Heaven (Angel)                                        NBC The Kate Smith Show                      1/15/53

The Case of the Watchful Dog (Randy Meeker)                       NBC Treasury Men in Action                   1/29/53

The Capture of Jesse James (Bob Ford)                     CBS You Are There                                2/8/53

No Room (Safe-cracker)                                             CBS Danger                                           4/14/53

The Case of the Sawed-Off Shotgun (Arbie Ferris)      NBC Treasury Men in Action                   4/16/53

The Evil Is Within (Ralph)                                      ABC Tales of Tomorrow                         5/1/53

Something for an Empty Briefcase (Joe Adams)                       NBC Campbell Soundstage                      7/17/53

Sentence of Death (Joe Palica)                                 CBS Studio One Summer Theatre                        8/1753

Death Is My Neighbor (JB)                                     CBS Danger                                           8/25/53

Rex Newman (Rex Newman)                                    NBC The Big Story                                 9/11/53

Glory in the Flower (Bronco)                                  CBS Omnibus                                        10/4/53

Keep Our Honor Bright (Jim)                                NBC Kraft Television Theatre                  10/14/53

Life Sentence (Hank Bradon)                                     NBC Campbell Soundstage                      10/16/53

A Long Time Till Dawn (Joe Harris)                          NBC Kraft Television Theatre                  11/11/53

The Bells of Cockaigne (Joey)                                 NBC Armstrong Circle Theatre               11/17/53

Harvest (Paul Zalenka)                                             Robert Montgomery Presents…

NBC The Johnson’s Wax Program                        11/23/53

The Little Woman (Augie)                                     CBS Danger                                           3/30/54

Run Like a Thief (Rob)                                          NBC Philco TV Playhouse                                    11/5/54

Padlock (Felon)                                                     CBS Danger                                           11/9/54

I’m a Fool (Boy)                                                     CBS General Electric Theatre                  11/14/54

The Dark, Dark Hour (Delinquent)                           CBS General Electric Theatre                  12/12/54

The Thief (Ferand Lagarde)                                       ABC The U.S. Steel Hour                                    1/4/54

Life Emile Zola (interview to promote Eden preceding show)  NBC Lux Video Theatre                          3/10/55

The Unlighted Road (Jeff Latham)                              CBS Schlitz Playhouse of Stars                  5/6/55



Pepsi-Cola (singing & dancing)                                                  National Commercial                              12/13/50

Pepsi-Cola (carousel in McArthurPark in LA)                   National Commercial                               unknown

A Star Is Born World Premiere                              Live Telecast                                          1954

Giant Stars Are Off to Texas                                Warner Bros Newsreel                           1955

Warner Pathe News Issue #87                            Warner Bros Newsreel                           1955

Highway Safety Film PSA                                      National Safety Council                           11/17/55



Broadway Plays /

See the Jaguar  (Wally Wilkins)                                                                                 12/6/52

The Immoralist (Bachir)                                                                                         2/8/54
Off-Broadway Plays /

The Metamorphosis (Ensemble)                                                                               8/52

The Scarecrow (Scarecrow Image)                                                                                6/16/53

Women of Trachis (Herakles)                                                                                  2/12/54


The Actors Studio /

Aria de Capo (Pierrot)                                                                                           1953

End as a Man (Cadet)                                                                                             5/53

The Sea Gull (Konstantin Treplev)                                                                                1953



Macbeth (Malcom)                                                                                                 11/29/50


Santa MonicaCityCollege /

She Was Only a Farmer’s Daughter (Father)                                                             5/50


Summer Stock /

The Romance of Scarlet Gulch (Charlie Smooch)                                                          8/49


FairmountHigh School /

An Apple from Coles County                                                                              1946
The Monkey’s Paw (Herbert White)                                                                           1946
Mooncalf Mugford (John Mugford)                                                                               1947
Our Hearts Were Young and Gay (Otis Skinner / assistant stage manager)                              1947
Goon with the Wind (Villain & Frankenstein’s Monster)                                                     1948

You Can’t Take It With You (Grandpa Vanderhof)                                                        1949

National Forensic League

(6th place for the Madman’s Manuscript from Charles Dicken’s Pickwick Papers)                                     1949


BackCreekFriendsChurch /

To Them That Sleep In Darkness (Blind Boy)                                                             1945



The James Dean Story                                                                                         1957

James Dean: The First American Teenager                                                             1976

Septmeber 30, 1955                                                                                           1977

Come Back to the Five and Dime, Jimmy Dean, Jimmy Dean                                     1982

James Dean: Race With Destiny                                                                           1997

James Dean (TNT movie)                                                                                     2001



The Steve Allen Show (hour tribute)                                                                    1956

The James Dean Story                                                                                         1957

James Dean: The First American Teenager                                                                         1975

Hollywood: The Rebels – James Dean)                                                                  1982

Forever James Dean                                                                                            1988

Idols                                                                                                                 1991

Bye Bye James Dean                                                                                            1990

James Dean and Me                                                                                             1995

James Dean: A Portrait                                                                                        1996

James Dean At High Speed                                                                                   1996

Rediscovering a Rebel                                                                                          1996

James Dean: Born Cool (theatrical version)                                                                        2000

James Dean: American Legend                                                                              2000

James Dean – The Story Behind the Legend                                                                       2002

The Final Day: James Dean                                                                                   2002

James Dean: Forever Young                                                                                 2002

James Dean and Marlon Brando                                                                            2003

Return to ‘Giant’                                                                                                            2003

James Dean: Born Cool (DVD version)                                                                 2004