Famous Dean Locations

Comprehensive collection of famous locations related to James Dean – compiled by DennPietro



– James Dean Birthsite: Green Gables Apartments (320 East Fourth St / Mclure – Marion)

– FairmountHigh School (Vine / Adams)

– The Winslow Farm (150 East – 2 miles North of downtown)

– Carter’s Motorcycle Shop (150 East)

– BackCreekFriendsChurch (150 East)

– FriendsChurch (124 West First / North Mill)

– Old Train Station site

– GrantMemorial Park (9 or 15 – mother’s cemetery – Marion)

– Park Cemetary where Jimmy is buried (150 East)

– The Historical Museum (203 East Washington)

– The JamesDeanGallery (formerly in GasCity)

– Hunt Funeral Home (First / Main)

– JamesDeanMemorial Park (Main & Second)

– James Dean home 1 (Vine / Washington)

– James Dean home 2 (First between Rush & Hill)

– James Dean home 3 (700 South / 150 East)

– James Dean home 4 (524 Jackson / Henley)

– WestwardSchool (8th Street / Rush)

– Drug Store (Washington / Main)

– Cox’s Corner (West Washington Extended / State Road 9)

– Citizen’s Bank (Main / Washington)

– Pool Hall (now antique store) (West Adams / S. Main)

– Restaurant (South Main)

– Ice Cream Parlor (South Main)

– Palace Theater (now Palace Bar) (South Main)



– YMCA West Side (first places Jimmy stayed) (5 West 63rd St – room 724)

– The Royalton Hotel (44 West St)

– 19 West 68th Street (Jimmy lived on 5th floor with round windows – his first apartment solo)

– The Hargrave Hotel & Apartments (with roommate Dizzy Sheriden) (71st St) (West 72nd St & Columbus) ?

– The Iroquois Hotel (Jimmy lived in several rooms: 802 / 74 and others) (45th St between 5th & 6th Ave with roommates Bill Bast & Dizzy Sheriden)

– Rogers Brackett’s apartment (5th floor loft on West 38th St)

– Apartment with Dizzy & Bill (West 89th St)

– Louis’ Tavern (4 Sheriden Square in Greenwich Village)

– Jane Deacy’s office (Jimmy’s NYC ‘mom’)

– Cromwell’s Pharmacy (RockefellerCenter on 6th Ave)

– Sardi’s Restaurant (234 West 44th St)

– Automat Restaurant (44th & 6th Ave)

– Jerry’s Bar & Grill (Italian hangout of Jimmy & friends) (54th St & 6th Ave)

– Blue Ribbon Deli (midtown)

– Hector’s on Times Square (restaurant providing cheap food)

– The Blue Danube (german restaurant)

– Riker’s (57 West 57th St)

– Croyden’s (diner next to Iroquis)

– Minetta’s Tavern (113 MacDougal St in Greenwich Village)

– The San Remo (in Greenwich Village)

– The Paris Theatre (now The Fine Arts) (4 West 58th St)

– The Actor’s Studio room 610 (West 44th St) (14th floor 1697 Broadway) (now at 1545 Broadway     & 46th)

– The Cort Theatre (Jimmy’s first play See the Jaguar) (138 West 46th St)

– The Royale Theatre (Jimmy’s second play The Immoralist) (242 West 46th St)

–  Museum of Modern Art (Jimmy would often hang out on the roof with friends)

–  Theare DeLys (Jimmy appeared in The Scarecrow) (121 Christopher St)

– The CherryLaneTheatre (Jimmy performed in Women of Trachis)(38 Commerce St)

– The Rivoli Theatre (Jimmy appeared in Fixed Bayonets) (49th St & Broadway)

– The Astor Hotel/Theatre (premiere of East of Eden) (44th & Broadway)

– Roy Schatt’s Studio (East 33rd St)

– Elia Kazan’s apartment (167 East 74th St)

– The Rehearsal Club (Jimmy befriended Dizzy Sheriden here) (53rd St between 6th & 7th Ave)

– Circle in The Square Theatre (5 Sheriden Square)

– Grand Central Station (danced with Dizzy Sheriden beneath the stairs)

– Washington Square (5th Ave & Waverly Place)

– The Bevan (a country inn in Larchmont that Jimmy stayed the night at)

– Central Park (near his 68th St apartment) (near 5th Ave)

– The Plaza Hotel Fountain (59th & 5th Ave)

– 68th & Central Park West (7th rail from column) (Roy Schatt photos)

– 68th Street (The Photgrapher walking Roy Schatt photo)

– Times Square (Dennis Stock photo of Jimmy walking in rain & trench coat) (44th & Broadway)

– Automat Restaurant (44th & 6th Ave)

– The Algonquin Hotel (59West 44th St) (late night hang-out)

– Dumont’s Barber Shop (West 44th St)

– New York Yacht Club  (yacht racing as a cabin boy for Lem & Shirley Ayers to Martha’s Vineyard)



– St.JamesHotel (Walnut & 13th St in Philadelphia during rehearsals for The Immoralist)



– Santa Monica home as boy (814 b 6th St)

– LA home while filming East of Eden (3908 West Olive St – Apt 3)

– Hollywood home above garage while filming Rebel (1541 Sunset Plaza Dr)

– Sherman Oaks home while filming Giant (14611 Sutton St) (a 1 room A-framed home with balcony and sleeping alcove)

– Warner Bros. Lot housing

– Father’s home in Santa Monica (Sultair Ave) ?

– Father’s home in LA as of April 1954 (1667 So.? Bundy Dr  LA. 25, CA)

– Santa MonicaCityCollege (1900 Pico Blvd  Santa Monica)

– UCLA (405 Hilgard Ave  LA)

– Sigma Nu fraternity UCLA (Gayley Ave)

– Santa Monica apartment (with roommate Bill Bass)

– Royce Hall UCLA (macbeth) (405 Hilgard Ave  LA)

– Griffith Park Observatory (2800 Observatory Rd  LA) (filmed first acting job, Coca-Cola commercial & Rebel)

– CBS radio building (worked as usher & later as a valet)

– James Whitmore’s acting class (above Brentwood County Mart – 26th St & San Vincente Blvd)

– Hill Number One locaton (Jerry Fairbanks Studio)

– Immaculate HeartHigh School (1st Fan Club started here) (5515 Franklin Ave & Western Ave LA)

– Rogers Brackett’s apartment (Sunset Plaza Dr)

– 20th Century Fox Studios (10201 Pico Blvd & Ave of the Stars Century City) (shot Fixed Bayonets)

– Paramount Studios (5555 Melrose Ave  Hollywood) (shot Sailor Beware)

– Universal Studios (100 Universal City Plaza & Lankershim  Universal City) (shot Has Anybody Seen My Gal)

– Paradise Cove Trailor Camp (broke up with Beverly Wills – Malibu)

– Warner Bros. Studio Burbank (4000 Warner Blvd)

– Santa MonicaHigh School (601 Pico & 4th St) (location as Dawson High in Rebel)

– Ray Avery’s Record Roundup (La Cienega Blvd)

– The Cave (coffee shop in Santa Monica on ocean)

– The Point (coffee shop in Santa Monica on ocean)

– Googie’s (Hollywood) (a favorite hangout after midnight)

– Schwab’s Drugstore (favorite hangout in Hollywood where aspiring young actors would meet)

– Barney’s Beanery (frequent after midnight)

– Formosa Café (7156 Santa Monica Blvd  West Hollywood) (diner)

– St. Timothy’s Catholic Church (where Pier Angeli married Vic Damone)

– Villa Capri (would enter through the kitchen… friends meet there like Sammy Davis, Jr…Ursula)

– Competition Motors (Los Angeles – checked over Jimmy’s spark plugs at 8am on 9-30-55)

– Farmer’s Market (6333 W. 3rd St & Fairfax Ave in LA – ate last meal with dad at noon on 9-30-55)

– Tip’s Diner (Ridge route, then route 99, now route 5 – glass of milk enroute on 9-30-55)

– Blackwell’s Corners (Jimmy’s last stop for coca-cola and a bag of apples)

– Palm SpringsAirport (California Sports Car Club) (First Race – production D class)

– Minter Field, Bakersfield Race Track (Second Race)

– Santa Barbara Race Track (Final Race)

– Paso Robles (Jimmy’s last destination for race in Salinas)

– Warner Bros. Burbank Studios (Stage 4 while filming Giant)

– Crash Site (455 & 61 in Cholame)



– South Mendocino Bay (opening scene)

– Rundle St (credits looking across MendocinoBay)

– Chet Bishop’s Market (now Gallery Bookstore) (scene with Jo Van Fleet) (Main St near Kasten)

– Crown Hall (Osborne St & Ukiah) (Jimmy clowns around on film) (scene 6)

– Bank of America (Main Street & Kasten St)

– Walking scene with Jo Van Fleet (Little Lake Street between Heeser Woodward & Williams)

– Dr. Preston’s house (Little Lake St & Williams St)

– MendocinoHigh School Gymnasium & Locker Room (Covello & Kasten)

– Ice House Scene (Cahto Street near AltarSocietyBuilding)

– Kasten / Albion St

– Albion Street between Kasten & Osborne

– Calpella Street between Williams & Woodward

– Ukiah St near Woodward St

– Little River Inn (Jimmy stayed in room 8) (in Little River, 3 miles South of Mendocino)

– City Motel (production crew stayed in FortBragg)



– Marfa

– Hotel location

– Paisano Hotel and coffee shop (hang out for dinner)

– The Palace Theater (showed stars of Giant’s movies during shooting)

– The Evan’s Ranch (site of Reata)