Paul Lenzi

Paul Lenzi

PAUL LENZI, of Corkyworld Films,  is a Director/Director of Photography/Writer for film, television, commercials and corporate projects.  He lives and works in Michigan, a beautiful place with lots of water and golf courses. Paul has been working professionally in film and television for nearly 25 years.

Based in Michigan, but comfortable working anywhere it’s warm. Corkyworld Films Ltd is a multi award winning film / video production company as well as a creative advertising source for fresh ideas. Corkyworld Films is a joint venture between Michele & Paul Lenzi. With over 25 years of experience we are experts at telling your story in the best way possible and getting your message to the viewer in the most memorable, efficient way. While the core of Corkyworld Films is two individuals, our creative team is filled with a network of seasoned freelance professionals, who are at the top of their game. Let’s make something great.

Films as Director / Producer:
DOG GONE (2011) – short film
PUCKER (2012) – short film

Films as Director of Photography:
FOREVER IN TIME (2007) – short film
THE POINT (2009) – short film
BEING CUSTER (2012) – short film