Marc Myers

Marc Myers

MARC MYERS’ diabolical quest for world domination began when he was a wee lad impersonating his hero, Orson Welles, as he insisted on controlling every aspect of his neighborhood films with friends.   Soon, he took this menacing trait to film school where it was met by fierce competition that only delighted the sinister Myers who revelled in his superiority over the mindless minions who depicted themselves as the next Steven Spielberg and David Lynch.

Marc Myers is most noted for coining the phrase, “Gubba!”

Films as Producer / Associate Producer:

BE FUNNY (2007) – documentary
MIKE GREEN – HOLY #@$%, I’M FUNNY! (2010) – stand-up performance DVD
FREEZER GEEZERS  (2010) – documentary
BEING CUSTER (2012) – short film
TILL WE’RE FREE (2013) – short film (as Assistant Director)