Jeff Turner

Jeff Turner

JEFF TURNER is an Alabama native but longtime Michigan resident. A graduate of Birmingham Southern College, he has a degree in psychology because they forced him to choose a major. Otherwise, he would have taken every non-business course in the catalog. With degree in hand and student loans the government actually wanted paid back, Jeff left academic life and entered the work force and a string of coat and tie gigs that stretch back many years.

Corporate sellout allowed the school loans to be paid, a home to be acquired and a hot hatch to sit in the driveway. But since that stuff doesn’t impress him (except the hot hatch) or his wife (especially not the hot hatch), he spends his spare time doing what he loves – writing projects for film and print as well as reading, hiking and mocking those who deserve it.

Films as Producer / Writer:

BEING CUSTER (2012) – short film
STATIC (2012) – short film









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