Canyon Pietro

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CANYON PIETRO, of Boss in Charge Productions, is only 7-years-old but when he’s not riding his bike or scooter, he enjoys making short films.

Canyon prefers doing everything himself – writing, directing, acting and running the camera, but like any inspiring filmmaker he is learning the value of delegating… and giving orders.

When Canyon is ready to make a film, he sits on his dad’s lap and tells the story and dialogue as his father types. He then draws pictures of his characters and the action for storyboards and works with his actors in setting up the shots. Sometimes he works behind the camera and sometimes he makes his dad shoot, depending on whether he is acting in the scene or not.

Canyon has a long career ahead of him in filmmaking… as long as he does his homework first!

Films as Writer / Director:

BOX FACE (2014) – short film
WOLF BOY (2015) – short film