We need a promoter…

We make stuff and then we don’t really do much with it after that. The fun is in the creating process, but God knows we need a promoter of our work.

For example, we made an Emmett Till movie called “Till We’re Free”. Have you seen it? Have you heard of it? Probably not which is whey there are potentially four Emmett Till feature-length movies in the works and none of them are ours. It’s our fault though, no one knows we made it!

Anyway, if you happen to stumble upon this… help! 🙂

Oh so lazy…

Seriously, who has time to keep their website up to date or write blogs. Let’s face it, you don’t care what we’re up to. I know I don’t care what I’m up to. But sometimes you just have to fill up space to make it seem like stuff is happening and we’re important.


TILL WE’RE FREE is the story of a mother, Mamie Till, whose defiance while exposing the truth behind the murder of her 14-year-old-son, Emmett Till, helped spark the Civil Rights Movement.   Emmett was beaten and killed for whistling at a white woman in Mississippi in 1955.   The two accused men, Roy Bryant and his half-brother J.W. Milliam, were acquitted of the murder, but later confessed to a reporter to kidnapping and killing Emmett Till – but they didn’t tell the whole truth.

Detroit Repertory Theatre
13103 Woodrow Wilson St
Detroit, MI


Project:                               Till We’re Free – Short Film / Life Drama
Production Company:  Whatantics Entertainment
Casting Director:             Rita Montpetit-Liegl
Phone Number:               (248) 660-6641
Email adddress:               thegreenroomspa@hotmail.com
Shoot / Location:           Metro Detroit
Shoot / Start Date:         August / September 2013
Compensation:                unpaid / credit / invite to release / DVD
Producers:                        Rita Montpetit-Liegl & Stephanie Shum
Director:                            Denn Pietro


Characters – Black Male:
EMMETT TILL, 14-17 year old male, funny, strong willed, slight stutter, northern accent, tad overweight
• SIMEON WRIGHT, 12-14 year old male, likeable, southern accent, skinny
• MAURICE WRIGHT, 16-20 year old male, smokes, confident, southern accent, average size
• WILLIE PARKER, 16-20 year old male, charismatic, polite, northern accent, average size
• A.A. RAYNOR, 35-55 year old male, dignified funeral director, northern accent
• WILLIE REED, 17-24 year old male, hard worker, religious, tough, southern accent
• FATHER, 35-60 year old male, farmer type, fit, southern accent
• OSA, 20-something male, with tough demeanor, southern accent
• TOO TIGHT, 20-something male, cotton picker, strong, submissive, southern accent
• HENRY, 20-something male, weasel-like, southern accent, skinny


Characters – Black Female:
• MAMIE TILL, 35-45 year old female, survivor, strong-willed, defiant, vulnerable, northern accent
• ELIZABETH WRIGHT, 50-something female, non-confrontational, preacher’s wife, southern accent
• RUTHIE MAE, 17-24, independent, smart and wise, southern accent




Announced: “Static” to screen on June 4 in downtown Royal Oak, MI @ Main Art Theatre

4 June 13

Our short film “Static” (starring Bryant Timothy Stemen, Kate Sharp and Jason Kupser) is being screened on a test audience at the Main Art Theatre in downtown Royal Oak as Part of the Mitten Movie Project on Tuesday, June 4th at 7:30pm.  Please come out and support local film.

For more info:https://www.facebook.com/events/314966615274238/permalink/381674421936790/